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Things to Unlearn by Mecca Verdell (forthcoming March 1, 2021)

Things to Unlearn is the debut poetry collection by Mecca Verdell, 2020 winner of the DC Poet Project. Naomi Ayala described, "The poems in this breathtaking debut are fierce."


Falling Leaves: an Interfaith Anthology on the Topic of Consolation and Loss

This poetry collection gathers twenty-three poets considering the topic of consolation and loss. Through their craft the wisdom of traditions are enlivened and re-interpreted. Reverend Kathleen Lorenz (All Souls Church, DC) described the book, "Ringing with grace, elegance, and power."


Just One Swallow by Laura McCarty

In her debut collection, the reader finds poet Laura McCarty’s testament to the importance of communication. Maryland poet laureate Grace Cavalieri described Just One Swallow, "A credit to the narrative tradition, and has no superior. Her debut book is astonishing reading."


Port of Exit by Kevin Wiggins

Port of Exit is the debut poetry collection by Kevin Wiggins, 2019 winner of the DC Poet Project. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland the author is a spoken word artist, storyteller, and playwright. His work stares adversity in the face and is unapologetic for the Black LGBTQ community with intensity, rage, compassion, and love.


Talking to the Night by Susan Meehan

Talking to the Night is the debut poetry collection by Susan Meehan, 2017 winner of the DC Poet Project. National book award winner Terence Winch wrote, “Susan Meehan brings the same passionate commitment to her poems as she has to her life as an activist. Talking to the Night is populated with works that grab your attention with their clarity and fierce honesty."


Love for Her by John Johnson

Love for Her is the debut poetry collection by John Johnson, 2018 winner of the DC Poet Project. In the collection Johnson explores his experiences as a Black man growing up in Washington, D.C., and with the opposite sex. Johnson’s anger and humor are equally persuasive, each mixed with a lyrical levity that illuminates their subjects.


Goddesses Incognito by Susan Meehan

Goddesses Incognito is the author's consideration of her 70 plus years of life as an activist, mother, wife, godmother, and neighbor. Anne Becker described, “Meehan knows where the mythic, the deeper significance of human experience, hides under the familiar, the familial.”


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